Prince Edward HeightsPrince Edward Heights in its Heyday


Prince Edward Heights is located in Picton Ontario, near the airport, which is located in the former CFB Picton.  

Formerly Craig Barracks, it was owned by the Department of National Defense until it was sold to the Ontario Government and opened as a “Hospital for the Mentally Retarded” in 1971. It ran as a hospital until it was closed in 1999 due to the Ministry’s Community Living Initiative, which integrated the patients back into the community, instead of housing them separately.

Though called “The Asylum“ by some, the Heights never housed any criminally or mentally insane patients.  

We arranged with the current owners, PRZ Paintball to host a Hallowe’en Investigation, October 31st 2014. We invited our friends Peterborough Paranormal  Society to come along, as well as some of the people we have met on the ghost walks in Belleville, and some other friends interested in the Paranormal.

An arial view of the Prince Edward Heights

 After some bumps in communication which left us in the cold for an hour waiting, the owners arrived andlet us in to explore. We did a walk through of the property, which took awhile as there are 3 buildings and a lot of outside area.

The information we had collected prior to the investigation indicated that there had been a death on the property, though it had happened since the hospital closed its doors.  We were not able to find any other information on deaths on the property. Our search partially stymied by the fact that 15 years of newspapers are lost from the county Archives.

We also had heard accounts of a TV room in the three-storey building where the patients and staff would witness chairs being thrown across the room and other paranormal happenings. So much so that we were told this room in the hospital was blocked off even before the hospital closed its doors.

The two-storey building had tales of a ghostly visitor to a wedding that was held there, as well as a second hand account of a paint ball player who witnessed ghostly figures of a man and a child outside on the grounds. A haunting view of the empty elevator shaft in the 3 storey

After the walk through it was decided that our team and our friends would take the 3 storey building, and the Peterborough team would take the 2 storey and investigate.
We set up on the 3rd floor and focused our equipment in the TV room where the activity had been reported.

We set up 2 cameras, an SB7, and a recording device in this room, as well as a trigger object of a doll that played music and moved.

We set a camera up in the hallway on the 3rd floor, and one on the 2nd floor in the hall that we pretty much left alone.

It is from this stand-alone camera that we have picked up several EVPS. The video picked up nothing, so we have converted it into just audio clips. You can check them out here in our EVP section

It was pretty cold that night and most of the group huddled in the home base which we had set up as much out of the wind as possible. Most of the windows have been removed or are stuck open, so that the paint ball players can shoot through them.
There was a wooden box that was put on an interior windowsill to try and block any wind coming from the next room.

Part way through the investigation this fell into the next room, without anyone touching it - and into the wind.  Everyone screamed. Even the 2 investigators who were on the 2nd floor heard that.  This is not the scream that we have recorded and clipped to share with you. 

From the camera that we set up in the corner of the TV room we have caught a few interesting clips of activity. Check out the video evidence

Because of the cold we wrapped up shortly after 1 am and were not able to conduct an investigation ourselves in the 2 storey building or the surrounding property.  We plan to request another night that we can investigate, when it is warmer!

Our mission is simple. We want to help. Whether it be providing an explanation for what you are experiencing, or to cleanse your property to give you peace. We will conduct ourselves in a professional and respectful manner and give you all the answers we can. 
We are volunteers and offer this service completely free of charge. 

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