Video Evidence - Prince Edward Heights - Picton, On

Reviewing the video evidence from the "TV room" in the 3 storey building we have pulled 3 seperate video sequences where anomalies appear in the video. 

In this first video you will see Investigator Jason snapping pictures. About 2 seconds into this video in the corner of the room you will see something manifest. It is small and looks like a possible child, but is only visible for a second. After that a bright orb is visible in the middle of the room above the doll we had placed there as a trigger object. 



In this next video lead Investigator Robbie walks into the room, the video cuts out for a split second and about 1 second later something manifests behind him. It looks like a figure. What do you think ? 



In the last video you will see Lead Investigator Robbie walk across the screen and the some thing manifest behind Investigator Jason. He then reacts to whatever was happening behind him. Almost as if something was trying to manifest itself through jason but if you look closely you can make out what appears to be legs and part of a dress. Could this be the little girl reported to be seen across the property?


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