Painting 05 04 2014

The following video was taken at a private residence near Belleville Ontario. We were disposing of a painting that had been purchased at a second hand store that contained a spirit.

Here is Jason's version of the events leading up to this video.

I originally had found this painting at Saint Vincent De Paul and it seem to speak to me so I bought it and took it home with me and hung it up that day. The very next day strange things started happening my roommate starting acting aggressive as well his Fiancee woke up the next night and came screaming into my room that there was a man laying in between her and my roommate. So I got up and checked but I saw nothing. The next day I went and called TEOT in to cleanse my apartment thats when he realized that the painting of this little crying boy had a spirit attached to it so the next night I took down the painting and brought it to the fire pit and we lit it on fire and recorded the whole event on a night vision camera. what you are about to watch is a clip of what happened that night when we put the picture in the fire pit. The oil painting took 10 minutes to completely be immersed by the flames and once it did the camera captured what I believe is the spirits release. 

Watch the video below. This is a short clip from the night vision camera we had set up recording the painting in the fire. As Jason said, it was strange that an oil painting took so long to catch fire, and then the almost explosion of light as it burned was seen only on the camera. The reaction you can hear is because one member was watching the laptop the camera was recording to at the time. 

What do you think?

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