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September 2015

This has been a very active summer for the members of TEOT and the web page got set aside for most of it. We are back though and focusing on TEOT and our plans for the fall. upcomingevents sepoct2015

I have made a list of upcoming TEOT events for people who are following us and what we are doing in the area.

Our next event will be heading to Burlington to take in the Shadowicc Ghost walk on Saturday Sept 5th, hosted by our good friend Johnathon. We are arranging a car pool to leave Belleville and drive to Burlington, and coming back the same night. Please let us know if you are interested in coming along. Tickets for the walk are $10 and if you carpool, we jut ask that you pitch in for Gas. 

We just had an event for friends of TEOT to come with us to Hell Holes Nature trails north of Napanee. A few people did show up and we had a good hike with a little paranormal on the way. We will be reviewing this evidence over the next few days and posting it on both the facebook page and on here for you to see. 

As you can see we have an announcement coming up for October 2nd - save the date - you wont want to miss it! I will be making the announcement next week so keep checking back! 

Each time TEOT attends or hosts an event, we get asked how one gets into paranormal investigating, or how tey can join TEOT, so I have written a small article on what we, at TEOT, are looking for in new members. 

Paranormal Investigating is not for everyone. A lot of people are looking for the same experience they see on TV. Go to a place and BOOM there's a ghost and its talking through the spirit box, or manifesting on camera. You have to remember that they have HOURS and HOURS of footage for these shows. They are there all night, sometimes multiple nights, just to get the footage you see on your 40 minute show. And at least half of that is the buildup and background on the place they are investigating. You must ahve patience to investigate, and yeah its a lot of fun to capture something, but like hunting animals - a lot of the time you are just waiting for something to show up! 

 For now you have been caught up on the goings on here at TEOT. As always if you are having any kind of issue that you believe to be paranormal related, don't hesitate to contact us. We are a completely volunteer, non profit organization, and will come assist you with any issues you may have. Just click on the help tab at the top of the page and send us an e-mail!

- Maurene 



August 2015 

Ok so its been a very busy summer for everyone involved in TEOT. 

Now that school is starting again, we will (hopefully) have more time inside to be able to go through the evidence collected all summer long! 

We have gone to several Shadowicc Ghost Walks this summer in Belleville hosted by our friend, Spirit Guide Johnathon Shannon, as well as his Spirits of Ontario talk at the historic Belleville Club. Due to technical difficulties (which tends to happen in Paranormal work) We did not get the recordings of what was happening around Johnathon at the talk. We did however have a seperate camera upstairs recording, and though we haven't fully gone through the evidence yet, a quick scan does show movement... while everyone was downstairs at the talk! 

Several interesting photographs were captured during the walks, including Johnathon's green orb that tends to follow him around on the walks, as well as a possible fairy picture. These are all on our facebook page, and I will be working to get them on he website in the photograph Evidence section. 

For the last few walks i was a guest speaker, as Johnathon allowed me to tell a few tales of the friendly city, this is leading up to some exciting news this fall. 

Our next adventure is another Shadowicc Ghost walk, this time in Burlington! Join us September 5th for a historic tour of downtown Burlington with Spirit Guide Johnathon Shannon from Shadowicc Ghost walks. 

We will be carpooling to the event and returning the same night, so if you would like to join us leet us know. Tickets are only $10, and can be purchased when we arrive in Burlington. 

Johnathon is hosting trivia -offering a chance to win tickets to the walk. Take a look at the event page on Facebook to get involved for your chance to win!

 April 24th, 2015

This past Friday we had another sucessful walk through Belleville's historic and sometimes disturbing past with Shadowiic Ghost Walks. We are glad that Spirit Guide Johnathon was able to squeeze in a tour before his final exams at college, and had a great time at the Talk after the Walk. The Walk itself brought out about 82 people, including our own winners Sheri Verner Koekman and Erica Reynolds. Our goal was 100 members on the page and these ladies were instrumental at pushing us up to 135 before the walk! Congrats ladies and was great to see you at the walk!  We were sporting our new shirts, which were made possible with help from The Vinyl Cut. Check out their facebook page for all that they do!

The walk itself took about 3 hours and we toured the downtown, some of the west hill and touched on the east hill as well, ending of course at the Ripper Tunnel. 

We have had some great photos submitted to our Facebook page, as well as a few that we took ourselves.

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These photos were taken seconds apart at St Thomas Church, Belleville. In the First photo we have the light energy at the bottom of the photo, with a ghostly white female that fades to black at the waist. As well there is a ghostly green face in the middle of the picture, when all other faces are a mixture of black,gray and red. In the second picture, both these aparitions have disappeared. Photos taken by Maurene - TEOT.

Were these ladies using the energy of the group to check in on us as Johnathon told the history of the old church? You be the judge!! 

While this tour is over and Johnathon has hung up his lantern, there may be a light yet for the ghost walks in Belleville. Stay tuned for information about this!  

harley TEOT headshot

We would like to announce a new member to the TEOT team. Harley, though you has a keen eye and has already proved himself useful at basecamp and analyzing data from investigations. His full biography is now in our members' section. We also have a few more people who are interested in joining so we may be adding even more members in the near future.  


Last month we also uploaded some of our EVPs and Videos from our Prince Edward Heights investigation. These are being received very well across the internet with some of the EVPs having reached almost 25 000 plays. Thank you internet for visiting TEOT! 

We have posted a new video and story this month, involving our very own teammember Jason, and a purchase he made at a second hand store. Something that has been previously owned may come with more than you bargained for! 

Check out the video - and Jason's experience here


A screenshot capturing the flash coming out from the fire.

We are reviewing the evidence from an investigation earlier this year, south of Napanee, that if nothing else gained us a new friend and possible team member. More on that in the next few weeks. Make sure to check back.
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An image of the video and audio that is being analyzed from that investigation.

Another investigation is being planned to happen shortly, involving a heritage building in Belleville that was once a general store, stage coach stop and possibly a meeting place of the early Masonic Lodge of Belleville. Current resident reports at least 2 active spirits, so hopefully we will be able to bring you more evidence of the spirit world after that investigation. 


April 14, 2015

This Friday we are looking forward to what should be a very fun night with our friend Johnathon from Shadowiic Ghost Walks as he guides us through the history and secrets of Downtown Belleville.

He has stated that this is his last Belleville Ghost walk, as he focuses on his education and creating Ghost walks nearer his own town of Burlington.

To honour this, and the fact that our facebook page is nearing 100 likes, we have started a last minute contest. The prize being a ticket to this enthralling stroll through the mists of time and otherworldly tales. 

To view the details and/or enter click here

For now we are preparing for the Ghost Walk and all the adventures that come with it each time we go! Four members of the TEOT team will be in attendance. We will be the ones in the brand new TEOT t-shirts that are being made by our friends at  The Vinyl Cut . 

Hope to see you at the walk! 



 March 2015

Finally we have been able to get some of the evidence from our Hallowe'en investigation up on the site. 

We have added additional evidence to the Prince Edward Heights Investigation. 
Check out the article below, or skip to the EVPs or Video sections of the Investigation

Prince Edward HeightsPrince Edward Heights in its Heyday

Prince Edward Heights is located in Picton Ontario, near the airport, which is located in the former CFB Picton.  

Formerly Craig Barracks, it was owned by the Department of National Defense until it was sold to the Ontario Government and opened as a “Hospital for the Mentally Retarded” in 1971. It ran as a hospital until it was closed in 1999 due to the Ministry’s Community Living Initiative, which integrated the patients back into the community, instead of housing them separately.

Though called “The Asylum“ by some, the Heights never housed any criminally or mentally insane patients.  

We arranged with the current owners, PRZ Paintball to host a Hallowe’en Investigation, October 31st 2014. We invited our friends Peterborough Paranormal  Society to come along, as well as some of the people we have met on the ghost walks in Belleville, and some other friends interested in the Paranormal.

View the full article here.



January 2015

Announcing a new member of TEOT.

Heather TEOT
We are proud to announce Heather as the newest member of TEOT. A direct link to her profile is available here

It has been a few months since we had our joint venture with Peterborough Paranormal at Prince Edward Heights and a revisit is definitely planned. This large institution is located in Picton, Ontario, and was once an army barracks that was then converted into a mental hospital.  It was not an asylum as many websites would have you believe, but a home for people whose families were unable to cope with their illness. It shut down in 1999 after the Ministry of Community and Social Services brought out the Community Living Initiative, intergrating the residents into the community. It sat abandonned for a few years but has recently come to popularity as a great place to paintball. 

I will be working through the information we collected while we were there and will hopefully have some information to post on the website soon. It was our first full investigation with the SB7 spirit box, and several guest investigators. 



October 27, 2014

Getting VERY excited for this Friday night!!
Prince Edward Heights - on Hallowe'en night!

~ Just got a new piece of equipment - an SB-7! Can't wait to try it out!

* We plan to be there to set up at 9 pm. That way parents can trick or treat with kiddies and still make it. This does mean setting up in the dark.

~ ~ ~ We will have waivers for everyone to sign, basically stating you are there of your own free will, you will not hold TEOT responsible if anything happens or PRZ Paintball. Also stating that if you capture anything you agree to share it with us, and we will credit you with the find.

*** Anyone who has said they want to go, please confirm with myself, Maurene or Robbie by Thursday so we have an idea on numbers to give the owner.

If you are coming, please ensure you bring:
- WARM clothing including hats and gloves and coats. The temperature is showing will be at or around 0 friday night!
- Good shoes! This place is in abandonned status, even though is used for paintball. No sandals or heels please!!
- batteries - plan to bring extra batteries with you as the cold and the spirits will drain them! You are responsible for your own, we will not have extras.
- Flash lights - there is NO power at the Heights, you will need to navigate in the dark - bring spare batteries for these as well
-Camera - to capture anything spooky you might see!
-Snacks and beverages - we plan to be out there a while, we will have a base camp set up where you can leave your stuff
- maps, you can print your own and bring it with you if you wish. The Paintball site has some pdf's that you can download and print.

check out


 Oct 11, 2014

20 days to Hallowe'en. 20 days to our investigation.
We have permission to do the Heights in Picton.
So far we have a dozen people going, between ourselves and guest investigators. It is a large site, consisting of 3 main buildings and outside, so we need a large group.

There is no power at this location so we will have to supply our own. We have several boosters and inverters, but if anyone knows where we can rent a cheap generator (quiet is best) or has one we can borrow for the night, please let us know.

A reminder for everyone who is going to make sure you bring :
-a camera and/or mp3 player to record video and audio
-lots of batteries for both
-Warm clothes (its the end of October!!!)
-good solid footwear - we are exploring an abandoned building!
-Water or other non alcoholic beverages to stay hydrated
-Something to eat - we plan to be there for several hours so snacks will keep your energy up.

We are getting excited here at TEOT and hopefully get some good solid Evidence of paranomal activity that we can share!

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