How do I become a paranormal investigator?

The paranormal field is growing in popularity, thanks in part to the multiple TV shows that have come and gone. It is now more mainstream, and people are more willing to talk about what goes bump in the night, instead of hiding their stories away for fear people will think them crazy. As Paranormal becomes more and more popular and TEOT gets its name out there, we get asked more frequently the question “how can I join?”

There are several things we look for in a good investigator for our team, so I will go through them for you.

1) Interest – obviously if you are asking the question, you probably have this one nailed.  Whether it’s from personal experiences, or just from watching TV, something has twigged your interest in the paranormal.

2) Age – we ask that you be at least 19 years old to join us as a member. As with most things this is the age where you become an adult. While I am sure there are plenty of teens interested in Paranormal, we have a lot of equipment that members will be in charge of, and are looking for a degree of responsibility that goes with age.

3) Reliability – We do not expect our members to attend EVERY investigation or event that we do. If you are making commitments, we just expect follow through.  Obviously family and work commitments come before play, and we understand that, sometimes investigations come up short notice and not everyone is able to rearrange their schedule. This is perfectly OK.
However, if you go months without being able to help or participate in anything TEOT related, please understand you may be asked to leave. We need to be able to rely on the people who are in our group.

4) Professionalism  – We like to have fun as much as the next guy, and often joke around while on investigations, but if there are rules set up they need to be followed, and we need to always remember we are there at someone’s invitation, on their property. When you are on an investigation you are representing TEOT, people will not remember that it was Bill from TEOT that did it, just that it was TEOT.

5) People who bring something to the team – whether it be a piece of equipment we might not have, extra equipment we can use, a skill set we might be lacking or a sensitivity to spirits that we can use to fine tune our investigations, we ask that all new members bring something to enhance the team. We are always looking to grow stronger and better.

6) People who mesh well with the team. – If we do decide to include you on the team, understand it would be on a trial basis. We realize we are group of people hunting the paranormal - so its not quite your day job - but we need to be able to work well together. If we feel that the fit is not there with our team, we will let you know. This doesn’t mean give up paranormal, but another team may work better for you – or start your own!

If you have made it through all of that and feel that you would still like to be a part of our paranormal team, please contact us. e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Another question that gets asked is how to I go on a paranormal investigation – this one is easy. Find us somewhere to investigate! Do you have issues in your own home, or know someone that does and would like to find out what is going on and possibly rid themselves of paranormal presence? Let us know. This is also a great way to test if you mesh with the team!

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