Our mission is simple. We want to help. Whether it be providing an explanation for what you are experiencing, or to cleanse your property to give you peace. We will conduct ourselves in a professional and respectful manner and give you all the answers we can. 
We are volunteers and offer this service completely free of charge. 

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Just a little about our members.



HS Robb BW  
 Robert Beaudry- Lead investigator:

Rob grew up in the mining town of Sudbury, he had several personal paranormal experiences as a child which led to an interest in Paranormal Investigations as a youth. He has been actively involved in investigations for over 15 years and when he moved to the Quinte region he helped co-found what has become The Eastern Ontario Truth. Rob currently lives in the Belleville area. Rob states that his most memorable investigation happened when he and some fellow paranormal investigators hiked into the bush to camp at Burwash Ontario, a former medium security prision that has been abandonned for many years. On the way in Rob and his friends spotted a group of teenagers walking in the distance ahead of them, but there were no other tracks and the teenagers kept appearing and disappearing. Over the period of 3-4 days that they stayed at Burwash they had many other encounters including having all the doors open and slam shut repeatedly while they were playing loud music.

Rob enjoys being a paranormal investigator because it helps him help others understand the paranormal, and find peace, whether through education, or through cleansing.

When asked what his favourite piece of investigation equipment is, he responded that it is a Thermal Imager, which while he does not yet have one, is high on his wish list!



 HS Moe BW  

Maurene Rose - P.R./Researcher/ Investigator:

Maurene grew up in the Ottawa Valley and moved to the Quinte region in 2000. Moving from college to call center work and back to college where she earned a diploma in Advertising, she lived a fairly normal life until she met Rob, who introduced her to paranormal investigation. She has only been involved in paranormal investigation for 2 years, but brings a fresh eye to the team.

Maurene enjoys being a paranormal investigator because she enjoys learning about new things, and researching the history of the places that the team investigates.

Maurene's favourite piece of equipement used during investigations is the EVP recorder. She loves being able to possibly capture something from the other side that the rest of us mere mortals can hear or see as well. 












hs shandelle teot 

 Shandelle Crider - Investigator :

Shandelle is originally from Toronto but now lives in Cobourg. 
She met Robbie through a friend and after discussing everything she has experienced found that he had similar experience. She came with TEOT on a ghost walk which peaked her curiosity, and she joined the team in the spring of 2015. 
She has been on only 1 full investigation so far, but has participated in many of the other events TEOT has done. 
Shandelle enjoys the experience, excitement & knowledge it gives her to enhance her abilities within the team. She likes being able to help people understand what is going on and give them peace.
Her favourite piece of equipment is the sb11 which she has just recently bought. 





 Melanie Blair-Smith - Investigator

Biography coming soon.



 Scott Crider - Investigator in training :

Biography coming soon.


 hs Val

 Valerie - Advisor

Biography coming soon.












 Thanks to Jason Smith and Solstice Hannah for the photography for this section.




Category: About TEOT

The Eastern Ontario Truth (TEOT) - Formerly The Eastern Ontario Paranormal Society (TEOPS) is based in the Quinte Region of Ontario. It was founded in 2007, and continues strong today. 

TEOT was co founded by Robert Beaudry, with the purpose of assisting those in the area and beyond with their paranormal issues. Over the years TEOT has expanded to include others in the area with similar interests and added their knowledge and expertise when dealing with the paranormal to its ranks. 

Currently our membership consists of:

Rob - Lead Investigator
Maurene - PR/ Researcher/ Investigator

Shandelle - Investigator
Melanie -Investigator 
Scott - Investigator in training
Valerie - advisor


We are always looking for new members, and welcome people who are interested investigating and exploring the paranormal. If you feel you have something to offer a group such as ourselves, or are just interested in helping in an investigation, please let us know. You can e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We are also looking for places to investigate so if you are the owner of a place that has spiritual energy, or paranormal activity, we would love to talk to you.

We offer a completely free and voluntary service, where we will come to you and use our equipment to help solve any issues you might have. We also offer cleansing and assistance taking back your space, if that is what you wish.

If you need help with a paranormal issue please click HELP!



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