Apsley Investigation - January 10th, 2009'

Were joined for this investigation by Peterborough Paranormal Society. This was the first time that we have had asked for assistance during an investigation and the team succeeded all of our expectations they were very professional in their way of understanding the phenomena. The investigation itself turned out as a success and that night there were many reports of activity.One of our members established contact with a spirit using a Kii EMF meter and they were in contact with a female spirit who would love to pull pranks on people.Another account was a female presence in the basement of the residence who would hide. However that night was filled with personal experiences however no physical documentation was collected.- Lead Investigator was pushed down a flight of stairs however no injuries were reported.One lady reported being pinched and at one part felt as though she had been slapped in the face. Investigator heard someone sigh when they were in the basement. * We conducted an experiment using a glass on a flat table and noticed that the glass actually did start to move. When we asked for the candle to start flickering, it did almost instantly. When we asked it to stop it stopped.

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