When a paranormal investigation is conducted, often the clients contact family, friends and co-workers eager to witness us investigators at work. There have been times when we would show up at a residence only to meet the neighbours, distance relatives and anyone else to who decides to drop by. One time we were even the entertainment for a client‚ birthday party. Needless to say, there are problems when this occurs.



Some can be dangerous.When an investigation is conducted, usually the space of the house is quite limited. Trying to get equipment set up, take EVP'S and get a sense of what‚is going in the residence becomes quite difficult when there are unnecessary people present. ¬†


Particularly when they ask us questions, offer advice, set off motion detectors and talk by recorders. Unnecessary shuffle trip into the cameras installed. Sometimes we lose valuable time attempting to work around well meaning guests who hinder our progress.There is another reason why guests should be discouraged from attending a paranormal investigation. Sometimes an entity doesn’t‚ really like all the attention going on, or may be attracted to a certain person. If the entity does become angry, hostile, or attempts to make contact it can affect an unsuspecting guest. Most paranormal groups train their members to handle situations with negative or strong entities, but guests don't have this training.


We have seen this happen. I have seen many times that Guests during investigations that if someone gets injured and see bruises appearing onto their arms the next morning because they do not have the same training that any paranormal investigator gets nor can protect themselves from any abusive entity they would be very upset.

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