This church was founded over 180 years ago and had the first public cemetery in the area.

Burials began there in 1821 and ended in 1874.

This church suffered two fires, one in 1876, and one in 1975. Even tho the church was rebuilt, all burial records were lost in the fire.

A parish hall was built next to the church and an excavation of 80 graves took place to do so. 579 grave shafts were found containing 607 individuals. Some buried separately, some stacked atop each other.


It is said that Captain James MacNabe, accidentally killed in the rebellion of 1837 haunts the cemetery. His tombstone is embedded in the side of the church. Allan Taylor who is still buried beneath the middle area of the church haunts the cemetery as well.

On February 21st 2008 we took daytime pictures of the embedded tombstones and the cemetery. We returned later that night and re-took the photos. Below is a daytime picture of captain James MacNabes tombstone. In the night time picture, you can see an orb floating over his stone.


Is this the ghost of captain James MacNabe? Is it the ghost of Allan Taylor? Or just a one of the 607 lost souls of this cemetery?

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