Located approx. two km. south of the founding of Pickering Township. The Salem Church and Cemetery were est. on land donated by Mr. John Adamson. Built originally as a wooden structure in 1849, the church served the Wesleyan Methodist congregation. In 1880, brick veneering was added. Bricks for this undertaking were made in Mr. Adamson's brickyard which was located immediately to the west side of the property. Regrettably, the church closed in 1890. The cemetery continued to serve the local community and land was added at various times as the need arose. To commemorate the 150th anniversary, new entrance gates were erected. In the late 1990's I along with another group from Southern Ontario visited this location on several separate occasions. We did so because of a small write up on this location in our dear friend John Robert Columbo's book Mysteries Of Ontario</em> that suggested a possible ghost.

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