Belleville Ont. - Billa Flint house'

Billa Flint was President of the Belleville Police Board in 1836, Reeve of Elzevir Township for 21 years, Mayor of Belleville for 3 years, and Warden of Hastings County in 1873. From 1847 until his death in 1894 he represented the area in the Canadian government, he become a Senator in 1867.

This is the Billa Flint House. Located at 180 Coleman St, Belleville Ontario. This house is also an historical site as well as abandoned by the city and has been for years, the reason being is the city does not know what to do with it partly because it had been restored to it's former glory once before and was vandalized. It now sits on it's own, with everything that was originally around it being demolished. However the new city hall which is being built and due to be completed in 2015 is bound to hide and leave the existence of this historical site in it's shadows.

The brick house was built in 1835 and was made of two-storeys. It consisted of a three bay facade with the entrance at the left. There was only one entrance on the south side of the main block originally. A common misconception is that the roof of the house with the four stand alone structures, two on each side were the bases of chimneys, however there was no evidence on the inside to indicate chimneys were ever present in the house.Billa Flint came to Belleville as a general merchant in 1829. He was well known for his large lumbering business which was located at the mouth of the Moira river. Mr. Flint became the president of the Belleville police board in 1836, he was also Reeve of Elzevir Township serving for 21 years, went onto become the Mayor of Belleville for 3 years as well as the Warden of Hastings County starting in 1873. He became a senator for the Canadian government representing them starting in 1847 until his death in 1894. He was 89 years old at the time of his passing.

A few more interesting facts about Billa Flint.....

Billa Flint was born February 9th 1805 in Elizabeth Town, later renamed Brockville.He passed away June 15th 1894 in Ottawa while serving as senate.

He was a Biographer, Businessman, Philanthropist and Politician just to name a few.He wrote a series of articles for the Belleville paper in the earlier days.He had two children, a daughter named Phoebe and he and his wife later adopted a son, John, while in Ottawa.He left school at the age of 11 to work for his father.He helped establish the towns Actinolite and Flinton.Bancroft was named after his wife''s maiden name.He helped promote the steamships on Lake Ontario.He donated land for schools and churches.

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